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Top Selling Kids Tablet In Nigeria

With technological advancement, it is not too early to get your kids accustomed to the latest technology gadgets. The kid’s tablets are one of the ways to get kids to have fun and learn as well. However, before you purchase that tablet for your kids, you have to consider certain features such as:

  • Your budget
  • Kids age
  • Memory of the tablet
  • Availability of sim slot
  • Durability and protection on the tablet
  • And much more….

However, it can be hectic for some parents to consider all these factors and will prefer just to get a good kid tablet. This is where Onigx has come to help you get the best and most affordable tablets for kids. We are going to list some of the best kids tablets in the market and you can choose and place your orders.

4 Best Kids Tablets for Fun and Learning

  1.     Bebe-Tab Junior 3 Android Kids Tablet

For an affordable kid tablet, we will recommend the Bebe-Tab junior, and get your kids to do the minimal with a tablet of theirs. The tablet does not have a SIM card (kids between 2 and 4 years need a SIM card) and you can connect through wifi. With 64GB ROM – and 4GB RAM, you can download and install all necessary games and software needed for your kids to have fun and learn.

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  1.     Bebe B88 Prime Kids Tablet – 8″

As a parent, if you want to consider long-term usage of the kid’s tablet, when he grows up to 8 years, then you should consider the Bebe B88 Prime for kids. It comes with more storage space of 256GB ROM – 6GB RAM, to download more games and software to do more. As your kids grow older, they can get a SIM for this kid’s tablet comes with a sim slot and has 5g connectivity. Let your kids enjoy more time playing with their tablet with an improved battery life of 3500 MAH.

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  1.     Bebe B2050 Pro+ Android Kids Tablet

Now if you want to for something bigger for you kids as well as your use, then the Bebe B2050 is your best bet. Here comes a kid’s tablet with a 10-inch screen, 256 GB ROM – 6 GB Ram storage and a dual sim of 5G network. It also comes with Zoom features so your kids can have a Zoom interaction learning with classmates. Get in the groove with its 10-inch point support touchscreen as you get the best of your fun games and learning tools.

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  1.     Bebe B-2060 Kids Tablet – 10.1″

The list of kid’s tablets will only be complete with the Bebe B-2060, one of the top kid’s tablets in the market. With its 10-inch screen, it comes with amazing features such as Zoom enabled for interactive learning, Facebook and YouTube enabled to boost online learning, and it has a touchscreen which makes learning more appealing. Spend more time online learning and having fun with a strong battery of 6000 MAH.

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