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Mtn 5G router



Number of Ports 4 Ports
USB USB input port
Connectivity 5G
Colour Yellow
Warranty Period 3 Months
Brand ZTE

MTN 5G router is a device that connects to a wireless network and allows multiple devices to use the same Internet connection. An MTN 5G router does just that, but in this case, connects to MTN’s 5G network and allows you to share it via a WiFi hotspot to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc
MTN 5G router allows you to connect up to 32 devices and comes with a 100 GB data bonus on activation.

Customer Benefits:

Access to super-fast browsing. MTN Broadband 5G Router offers faster speed and performance than 3G & 4G.
Connecting multiple devices (up to 32) to the Router.
Superior streaming, gaming, data download, and uploads. Online games and videos are faster, smoother, and more realistic.
Wide Wi-Fi connection range.
100GB data bonus on activation.
What you get

5G Network
10x Faster than 4G
Superior Streaming
Easy to Install
Multiple Devices
Connectivity: WiFi + LAN


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