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Infinix Smart 7 Plus 4GB RAM/64GB ROM Android 12


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6.6” Waterdrop
Sunlight Fullscreen
HD+ Resolution
Peak Brightness
Smart 7 PLUS is outfitted with a bright 6.6-inch HD+ screen that boasts 500 nits of peak brightness, delivering a pleasing visual experience whether it’s outdoors or in sunny weather. It will provide you with a full cinematic view that’s delightful to look at — every time.

*Performance figures are based on tests conducted under Infinix labs. Actual performance may vary slightly due to
environmental factors and real-life use conditions.

6000mAh Battery
Longevity Redefined
More life. That’s what you can expect from this 6000mAh battery powerhouse. Enabled by Power Marathon Technology, the Smart 7 PLUS is built to last, whether you’re listening to music, or binge-watching your favorite shows.



Perfect selfies every time
The 5MP front camera features automatic retouching to deliver perfect photos.

Selfie camera with LED flash light
With Selfie focus and dual flash, you’ll get a gentle background blur that makes you the star of the picture.

Bring out your unique beauty
The SMART 7 PLUS front camera is embedded with an intelligent algorithm to make every selfie photo impeccable. It gives you more intelligent ways to customize images according to your own beauty styles such as 3D face improvement and skin tone identification. It also intelligently adapts to the optimal skin tone to make selfie photos more natural and unique.

Capture Your Moments
13MP Dual Rear Camera with Dual Flashlight
Enhanced by an AI-powered 13MP dual camera, you can capture clearer, brighter, and more beautiful photos effortlessly with your new SMART 7 PLUS.

Fingerprint & Facial
Easily Unlock with A Mask On
Smart 7 PLUS can be unlocked in the blink of an eye with fingerprint or facial
recognition, providing both security and convenience.

DTS Audio Processing+Beez 2.0
Style Your Beats with Superior Sound
The Beez 2.0 brings out the best of your creativity by enabling you to compose your own music, input vocals, lyrics, and edit. Advanced sound technology and DTS audio processing provide the Smart 7 PLUS with a powerful musical experience that is pleasing to the senses.

S-I Antibacterial Material
Instant Health Protection
In the fight to combat the spread of diseases and other forms of bacteria, we have introduced Silver Ions (S-I) Antibacterial Material to our SMART 7 PLUS, making it tougher and more resistant against germs.

Kids Mode
Mobile Phone Usage with Care
Kids Mode is the perfect solution to help protect your children from accessing potentially harmful or inappropriate information. Not only does it safeguard your children, but it also gives you peace of mind by allowing you to manage apps and other settings on your children’s behalf.

Color Your Moments
App Lock Lock apps for privacy.

X-Proof All your login accounts in one secure location.

Xclone Obscure your screen in public.

Colorful Chatting with Voice Changer
Want to have more fun when chatting with your friends? Xvocal can help you distort your voice the way you want so as to protect the real you in the virtual world.

Aura Waves Textured Design
New Trendsetting Looks
Inspired by nature’s finest stones, Smart 7 PLUS is wrapped up in a shiny Aura Waves textured design that sparkles at every glance. Outlandish yet stylish, it comes in four youthful finishes that will make you stand out from the crowd.

6.6” HD+ 500nits Waterdrop Sunlight Display
Mega 6000mAh Battery + Power Marathon
5MP AI Selfie Camera & Flash Light
Fingerprint & Face Unlock
DTS Audio Processing + Beez 2.0
Antibacterial Material



  • 500nits 6.6” HD+ Waterdrop Sunlight Display
  • Mega 6000mAh Battery + Power Marathon
  • Fingerprint & Face Unlock
  • 13MP Dual Rear Camera & Dual Flash
  • DTS Audio Processing+ Beez 2.0
  • Antibacterial Material


  • Infinix Smart 7 Plus
  •  User Manual,
  •  Headphones,
  •  Charger


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