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Samsung 45w Pd Usb-c & 15w Usb-a Ports Car Charger


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Colour Black
Brand Samsung
  • The USB type-C port lets you harness the power of up to 45W to recharge your device with the incredible speed of Super Fast Charging 2.0. And the USB Type-A port maxes out at 15W for quick boost, too, for a total of up to 60W coming from this power charger.
  • Two chargers in one
    Charge two devices at once with the dual port on this space-saving car charger. Both you and a friend can experience fast charging while on the road, or you can power up your wearables while keeping your phone at 100%.
  • Share your power with just about anyone
    No worries about compatibility. This charger supports PD, QC, and AFC charging protocols, so you can charger your phone, a friends phone, tablet, laptops, wearables, game consoles, and so much more.


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